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Earl Scruggs with a banjo

RIP Earl Scruggs

Earl Scruggs passed away on March 28th, at the age of 88. You can read the New York Times obituary here and listen to NPR’s audio interview featuring Tony Trischka, Bela Fleck and Steve Martin talking about Earl Scruggs’s influence on them. Or you can just listen to his music and hear how awesome he was, regardless of who […]

photo from London riots

Message from Chemikal Underground

The following message showed up on Chemikal Underground’s Twitter feed on Tuesday: The destruction of the SONY/DADC warehouse in Enfield last night and with it, the stock belonging to dozens of great independent labels distributed by PIAS UK, represents a sad and frustratingly bitter blow to the music industry at a time when it can […]

Collateral Damage

David Keenan’s Collateral Damage

So arts funding has been slashed? Good. Is there anything more contradictory and hypocritical than a ‘radical’ music festival that’s essentially government sponsored? Mr. Keenan, how did you arrive here? I’ve read your opinion piece from the July issue of Wire (#329) numerous times, but it becomes more incomprehensible with every reading, and it’s at […]

Wire David Keenan feature

The Wire’s David Keenan: “You can’t find the music you want? Good.”

There’s a trio of opinion pieces up at Wire magazine’s website right now, all of them about the effects file-sharing has on labels, artists, and listeners. Between UbuWeb’s Kenneth Goldsmith and ReR’s Chris Cutler, there is a wealth of good information and great insights that I think music-lovers everywhere would do well to ponder. And […]

black and white photo of young John Fahey

New John Fahey Box Set on the Way

Exciting news from Dust to Digital came my way, today. Apparently info about a new John Fahey box set has been out there since the start of this month, but I haven’t seen mention of it anywhere else: Announcement: The John Fahey 5-CD box set for Dust-to-Digital was completed today, as of a few hours […]

detail of photo showing Sun Ra playing a keyboard

The Eternal Myth: 20 CD Sun Ra Box Set Forthcoming

Great news from Altered Zones, via FACT and Wire: Sun Ra will be issuing a humongous box set of rarities and unreleased goodies called The Eternal Myth Volume 1 that’s sure to make obsessives jump for joy. Produced by Sun Ra archive director Michael D Anderson and released by Transparency, the hulking release compiles more than 400 tracks from […]

Clarence Clemons

Rest in peace, Clarence

My mom claims she has a photograph of me around age 3 or 4, standing on our coffee table in the living room totally naked, except for a guitar around my neck. My fist is in the air and I’m singing “Born in the U.S.A.” as loudly as I can. Some of my earliest musical […]