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photo of staple singers

The Staple Singers covering “Slippery People”

Awesome cover of Talking Heads’s “Slippery People” posted by Pour Me Coffee (thanks Brent Sirota): And a live performance of the original for anyone that needs to be reminded: Advertisements

image of Kuula and Leino

A Finnish art song, but what does it mean? Updated!

The name of this song is “Tuijotin tulehen kauvan.” According to Youtube and a couple of classical music resources, that translates as “I was staring at the fire for a long time.” It was composed by Toivo Kuula in 1907 and the words are from a poem written by Eino Leino. My girlfriend played it for […]

detail from a painting of Fyodor Dostoevsky

Books Everyone Must Read?

This unique and slightly frustrating list of books from The Guardian turned up on Roger Ebert’s Twitter account this morning: Do Top 100 Books polls and charts agree on a set of classics?  I scraped the results of over 15 notable book polls, readers surveys and top 100’s. Both popular and high-brow. They included all Pulitzer Prize […]