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Nat Geo image of the sun shining beneath the ocean's surface

Water in the Universe

Over the last few months, I’ve read quite a lot about water in the universe: where else it exists, in what form it exists, how it got there, etc. My imagination always leaps a little bit when I notice these stories, and I sometimes wonder if one day these water resources will be used to […]

NASA image of magnetic field lines from the sun

Listening to the Stars

Sound can’t travel through a vacuum, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable to astronomers. There’s a video at the BBC’s Science & Environment website that explains how scientists are using “the music of the stars” to study the composition of distant suns. This isn’t the first time sound has been used to investigate the […]

The IBM Watson Logo

IBM’s Watson Computer and the Difference between Thinking and Executing

Watson is to Jeopardy! what Deep Blue was to Chess, but the differences between those two games make Watson a much more impressive machine. On Valentine’s Day, Watson competed against two well-known Jeopardy! champions, Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter, with the aim of besting both of them. The easiest way to familiarize yourself with Watson […]

Screenshot from Terminator Salvation

Robots, RoboEarth, and Meno’s Paradox

Caught this story on BBC’s Technology site: Robots to get their own Internet By Mark Ward European scientists have embarked on a project to let robots share and store what they discover about the world. Called RoboEarth it will be a place that robots can upload data to when they master a task, and ask […]