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2011 Was a Great Year (not quite a “best of” list)

Musically and personally, 2011 was a phenomenal year. From The Field to AMM and Radu Malfatti, I listened to a tremendous amount of music and a tremendous variety of music; much more than I could keep up with. If I had to summarize it, this was the year of the composer and the improviser: Cornelius […]

a broken mirror

Laughtrack Mixes No. 8 and 9: Unplayable

Today was the day I had planned on uploading the last two shows I did on WZBC, in the wake of a Cardinals World Series victory, but apparently it wasn’t meant to be. All I have from those shows is a couple of playlists, unfortunately. Not sure what happened to my files, but you won’t […]

NCP shelf at WZBC

Long Delay + Live Set on WZBC in Boston

Moving to a new place takes up a lot of time, and it’s the reason I haven’t posted here for over a month. In the interim, I have written some things about new releases for Other Music in New York, and if you’re interested in reading any of that, you should check out their weekly […]

Collateral Damage

David Keenan’s Collateral Damage

So arts funding has been slashed? Good. Is there anything more contradictory and hypocritical than a ‘radical’ music festival that’s essentially government sponsored? Mr. Keenan, how did you arrive here? I’ve read your opinion piece from the July issue of Wire (#329) numerous times, but it becomes more incomprehensible with every reading, and it’s at […]

image from inside WZBC studios

DJ Set Monday Morning (3/7) on WZBC

Just a quick notice: I’ll be DJing tomorrow morning, Monday March the 7th, on WZBC 90.3 FM. You can tune in using a radio, or stream the audio by visiting the WZBC streaming page. Most MP3 players should work, including iTunes and Winamp. We’re also listed under the iTunes college radio tab. I’ll be playing […]

Photo of Boston from the Red Line near MGH

Laughter Revived and Rebooted

I’m reviving Laughter this year after leaving it for dead in the middle of 2010. Laughter as a regularly broadcast radio program has essentially ceased. In its place I am substituting a new, more broad blog that will cover all of my interests. I’ll still use this site as a tool for documenting interesting music, […]