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What's up with noises video capture

Video: What’s up with Noises?

Vi Hart is a self-described “mathemusician” who works for the Khan Academy. The following video is her quick explanation of what happens when you hear a note, or lots of notes, and it includes an awesome description of the overtone series and how it works. Advertisements

pierre at his mixing desk

Pierre Henry: “…and that’s where composing begins”

Below is an excellent documentary about Pierre Henry and musique concrète made available via YouTube. Thanks to Root Blog for passing it along.

still image from Eliane Radigue interview

Video: A Portrait of Eliane Radigue (2009)

I watched this video of a 2009 interview with Eliane Radigue this morning and was completely won over by the way she describes her writing process. It reminds me of a quote from Mark Hollis, which I’ve always appreciated: “Before you play two notes learn how to play one note – and don’t play one […]

image of Kuula and Leino

A Finnish art song, but what does it mean? Updated!

The name of this song is “Tuijotin tulehen kauvan.” According to Youtube and a couple of classical music resources, that translates as “I was staring at the fire for a long time.” It was composed by Toivo Kuula in 1907 and the words are from a poem written by Eino Leino. My girlfriend played it for […]

Excerpt from the DVD cover for The Cramps Live at Napa Mental Hospital

The Cramps at the California State Mental Hospital in Napa, CA

Found this video while browsing a friend’s Facebook page last week. It’s of The Cramps playing live at a mental hospital in Napa, CA in 1978. Absolutely killer. According to what I can find online, a video of the entire concert has been around since at least 1981. It’s available from various retailers online and […]

Image of Donald Duck yelling

Glenn Beck, meet Donald Duck

Many of you might have seen this by now, but just in case you haven’t: The re-imagined Donald Duck cartoon was constructed using 50 classic Walt Disney animated shorts from the 1930s, 40s and 50s. In the new narratives, Donald’s life is turned upside-down by the current economic crisis; he finds himself unemployed and falling […]

video: Elijah Rock

Shout, shout! Because this is what’s pumping through my speakers. Loud.

New M.I.A.: Born Free

M.I.A.’s next album is due out the end of June. Lead single, “Born Free,” is out there now. The video for it features severe beatings, children being shot, and land mines used for sport. And it samples Suicide’s “Ghost Rider.” Very intense and not safe for work. I’d link directly to it but Youtube pulled […]

Video: 4 Chords

You’ve all probably heard that a ton of pop and rock songs are the same 3 or 4 chords used over and over again. A comedy group called Axis of Awesome prove it:

Video: Health, “We Are Water”

Directed by Eric Wareheim (Awesome Show, Great Job!). File under: FUCK!

Video: Baby Please Don’t Go


3/16: What really happened with Marilyn Monroe, and who really pulled the trigger on JFK?

Plenty of stuff to talk about this week, though very little of it is new. We’ll get that new stuff out of the way, first: the studio’s phones lit up like crazy early on in the show thanks to the new Jeffrey Lee Pierce tribute record out on Glitterhouse. We Are Only Riders features musicians […]