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Obama at a news conference in the White House

Who Is Afraid of Bradley Manning?

By now, you’ve likely read about President Obama’s comments concerning Pfc. Bradley Manning. Ever the insightful reporter, Glenn Greenwald recently published an article at Salon that examines the impact of the President’s statement and the deep hypocrisies it reveals. Greenwald deals several strong blows to Obama, especially when he compares and contrasts Manning’s situation with […]

Photo of Gaddafi in white

The West’s Liberal War

Over at Al Jazeera there’s a stupendous article about the war in Libya, which was published yesterday. Written by Tarak Barkawi, a senior lecturer at Cambridge University, it explores the language of so-called “peace keeping” and calls into question the West’s participation in Middle Eastern affairs. Liberal war’s last service is to locate the source […]

Image of Donald Duck yelling

Glenn Beck, meet Donald Duck

Many of you might have seen this by now, but just in case you haven’t: The re-imagined Donald Duck cartoon was constructed using 50 classic Walt Disney animated shorts from the 1930s, 40s and 50s. In the new narratives, Donald’s life is turned upside-down by the current economic crisis; he finds himself unemployed and falling […]

image of american soldiers boarding a helicopter in Afghanistan

Is Wikileaks Putting Anyone in Danger?

This is a repost from an article I put together back in December of 2010. Amid accusations that Wikileaks was breaking the law and putting Americans in danger, I decided to collect as much information as I could about the issue. What follows is a collection of links and news stories that I believe answers […]

Image of George Orwell with BBC microphone

George Orwell Has a Few Words for President Obama

A year or two ago, my friend Andrew sent me a digital copy of George Orwell’s essay, “Politics and the English Language.” It was written in 1946 and connects poor writing with insincerity and political ideology. Generally, the text can be followed as an instruction manual for writers; it offers some basic advice that both […]

Obama on his trip to Egypt, in front of the Sphinx and Great Pyramids

America is Failing Egypt, the Arab World, and Itself (Jan 28 – 30)

Events over the last few days have made one thing clear: America, along with other non-Arab countries, is clueless in the Middle East. In what follows, I hope to make clear just how Obama and the American political system has failed the people of Tunisia, Egypt, and the rest of the Arab world. Incompetence in […]

Protester faces wall of riot police in Egypt

Egypt is Burning (Jan 28)

AlJazeera’s English news channel is reporting that, despite increased violence and government-imposed curfews, Egyptians continue to protest in Cairo, Suez, and Alexandria. Live coverage is available at that link via a stream in the sidebar. Both live footage and previously recorded film show burning buildings, burning police vehicles, huge plumes of smoke, and large numbers […]

Photograph of Riots in Egypt

Egypt’s Days of Revolution (Jan 24 – 26)

First news I saw about the Egyptian revolution came from this article in the Guardian, published on the 24th of January: Demonstrators are calling for the sacking of the country’s interior minister, the cancelling of Egypt’s perpetual emergency law, which suspends basic civil liberties, and a new term limit on the presidency that would bring […]