photo of Feldman writing

I’m reading Give My Regards to Eighth Street right now and running head first into Morton Feldman’s philosophy, which somehow reminds me a little of Kierkegaard. Feldman is a very funny person, and very direct; sometimes I find what he has to say hard to swallow, but his conviction and passion are totally convincing, so […]

detail of cover art for Love's Secret Domain

The following review was one eleven articles published at last week, celebrating the 20th birthday of one of Coil’s best known and most loved records. Reviews, interviews, and personal reflections were published, including a great exchange with Stephen Thrower, which you can read here.  One thing I neglected to mention, and that I wish I […]

Nat Geo image of the sun shining beneath the ocean's surface

Over the last few months, I’ve read quite a lot about water in the universe: where else it exists, in what form it exists, how it got there, etc. My imagination always leaps a little bit when I notice these stories, and I sometimes wonder if one day these water resources will be used to […]

two swimmers featured in Life magazine

Mix number six emphasizes electronic music in one form or another, with just a few exceptions, including a pair of chansons and a particularly unusual African tribal recording from Staring into the Sun. I hope you find them as entertaining and revealing as I did. Hearing Mick Harvey’s interpretation of Gainsbourg’s “Aux Enfants de la […]

still image from Eliane Radigue interview

I watched this video of a 2009 interview with Eliane Radigue this morning and was completely won over by the way she describes her writing process. It reminds me of a quote from Mark Hollis, which I’ve always appreciated: “Before you play two notes learn how to play one note – and don’t play one […]

detail of original cover art for Presences of Absences

With his latest album as Asva, G. Stuart Dahlquist (Sunn O))), Burning Witch, Goatsnake) leaves metal behind and sets out on his own distinct path. Recent interviews tell me that he has spent the last three years investigating Josef Albers’ color theory, losing musical weight on the Arvo Pärt diet, and studying the way sounds […]

Collateral Damage

So arts funding has been slashed? Good. Is there anything more contradictory and hypocritical than a ‘radical’ music festival that’s essentially government sponsored? Mr. Keenan, how did you arrive here? I’ve read your opinion piece from the July issue of Wire (#329) numerous times, but it becomes more incomprehensible with every reading, and it’s at […]

benoit pioulard precis detail

This interview was published on the 31st of October in 2010, the first night of Benoît Pioulard’s tour in Europe. I wanted to publish it the week before as kind of “preview” of that tour, but my school schedule got in the way and things weren’t wrapped up until Halloween. I’ve edited the interview only for […]

Wire David Keenan feature

There’s a trio of opinion pieces up at Wire magazine’s website right now, all of them about the effects file-sharing has on labels, artists, and listeners. Between UbuWeb’s Kenneth Goldsmith and ReR’s Chris Cutler, there is a wealth of good information and great insights that I think music-lovers everywhere would do well to ponder. And […]

detail from the cover of Ways of Meaning

In a recent interview, Kyle Bobby Dunn told Fracture Compound that he heard “the truth” in his favorite music, a truth that he associates with the “brutal honest beauty” of certain classical compositions. Kyle doesn’t spell out what he thinks the truth is, but I suspect that Ways of Meaning provides a clue. Kyle Bobby Dunn’s music is beautiful […]

black and white photo of young John Fahey

Exciting news from Dust to Digital came my way, today. Apparently info about a new John Fahey box set has been out there since the start of this month, but I haven’t seen mention of it anywhere else: Announcement: The John Fahey 5-CD box set for Dust-to-Digital was completed today, as of a few hours […]

detail of photo showing Sun Ra playing a keyboard

Great news from Altered Zones, via FACT and Wire: Sun Ra will be issuing a humongous box set of rarities and unreleased goodies called The Eternal Myth Volume 1 that’s sure to make obsessives jump for joy. Produced by Sun Ra archive director Michael D Anderson and released by Transparency, the hulking release compiles more than 400 tracks from […]

Clarence Clemons

My mom claims she has a photograph of me around age 3 or 4, standing on our coffee table in the living room totally naked, except for a guitar around my neck. My fist is in the air and I’m singing “Born in the U.S.A.” as loudly as I can. Some of my earliest musical […]

detail from the cover of Texas Blues Working

This album somehow earned a reputation for being one of Christina Carter’s best despite being limited to a cassette-only edition of just 200 copies. Released during a fertile 2008 that also saw the release of Original Darkness on Kranky, and initially mistitled Texas Working Blues, this Blackest Rainbow re-release shines the spotlight on one of Christina’s most direct, […]

blurry photo of Pisaro

This past week I read Bill Meyer’s review of the latest Michael Pisaro releases on Gravity Wave and ended up reading the small essay referenced in that article, as well. Besides my interest in music theory in general, I was intrigued by Meyer’s description of Pisaro’s strategy, which draws connections between baseball, The Temptations, John Cage, […]

detail from the cover of The Rings of Saturn

Floating silently through space approximately 1.4 billion km from Earth are the rings of Saturn. Composed primarily of ice particles, they appear as simple concentric circles similar to the grooves in a record. Thanks to the intricate play of moons, magnetic fields, and gravity, their structure is actually far more complex, fraught with braids and […]

factory in the 1930s

I’ve had almost no chance to post here since the beginning of April, mostly because I’ve found myself a new full time job. That means I’m writing less in general, but the upshot is that my job is music related, so I’m finding more records and listening to more music, most of which is on […]

Obama at a news conference in the White House

By now, you’ve likely read about President Obama’s comments concerning Pfc. Bradley Manning. Ever the insightful reporter, Glenn Greenwald recently published an article at Salon that examines the impact of the President’s statement and the deep hypocrisies it reveals. Greenwald deals several strong blows to Obama, especially when he compares and contrasts Manning’s situation with […]

detail from the cover of The Gathering

On their fourth full-length record, Arbouretum turn their churning rhythms and buzzing guitars inward to explore the uncanny spaces of the collective unconscious. Inspired in part by Carl Jung, Dave Heumann’s lyrics are featured more prominently on The Gathering, which might explain why the band sounds looser and less aggressive this time around. The change accentuates […]

detail from cover of SMM: Context album

Ghostly International presents SMM: Context as a vaguely philosophical release centered around the qualities that film soundtracks, classical music, and ambient music share, but I think its lack of pretense is part of what makes it great. On one level, SMM: Context is just a collection of eleven songs from eleven electronic artists, including Leyland James Kirby, Jacaszek, Aidan […]