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Photo of Charles Mingus

7/3: (Not a) Solo Dancer

Many thanks to Richard Tarantino, who came into the studio with me on the 3rd to spin some of his favorite jazz selections. Many of the songs played during the show were his picks, and he was the guy with all the knowledge, musical and otherwise. Sun Ra and Charles Mingus, along with the later […]

There Are Other Worlds (They Have Not Told You Of)

Hello. It’s been a long while since I’ve updated with content. I never saved a copy of the last show I played in the spring and therefore I never uploaded an update or any new music. Sorry about that. I graduated from Boston College with my M.A. in Philosophy in May and since then I’ve […]

5/4: A Spaceship Powered by Natural Sounds

taken January 16, 1958, off Trinidade Island Last week’s show had a loose theme: songs, bands, albums, or lyrics that refer to science, science fiction, monsters, and various other unexplained or mythological phenomena, especially UFO sightings. I’ve been obsessed with UFOs since I was a little kid and after watching some movies about aliens and […]

4/20: Insert Pot Joke Here

Been a long time since I’ve updated the site, but there’s plenty of stuff to chat about. Just wish there were more time to chat about it. Specifically, there’s a new Jack Rose EP coming out on Thrill Jockey on June 15th, featuring his guitar work with the talents of Charles D. Speer & The […]

4/13: Hello My Name is Lucas and I’m a Taurus

I remember seeing The B-52s on MTV growing up and wondering why anybody would want to listen to them. “Just look at the way they dress, and who wants to listen to songs that happy?” I thought they were just a goof-off band, which meant I lost out on a bunch of good music. A […]

4/6: Lazy Day Update

It’s been a little while since I’ve updated the site, mainly because I’m lazy, but also because I’ve been reading textbooks enough to make me hate words. But here we are with an update: this is the show from two weeks ago, which features a couple of cuts from the new Bonnie Billy/Cairo Gang LP, […]

3/30: Dark Was the Night, Cold Was on the Ground

I’ve wanted to play the blues on WZBC for awhile now. Knowing that there is no regular blues show at the station and that only one or two other members ever broadcast the stuff just made the desire stronger. Following Jack Rose’s death I read about his fascination with pre-WW2 blues and folk music and […]

3/23: Rocks

A simple set this week. I came to the studio early, but completely unprepared. I grabbed a bunch of records from the ZBC archives and a few CDs and just started going. I gravitated to a bunch of stuff I know I’ve played before, but I didn’t bring a single album into the studio with […]

3/16: What really happened with Marilyn Monroe, and who really pulled the trigger on JFK?

Plenty of stuff to talk about this week, though very little of it is new. We’ll get that new stuff out of the way, first: the studio’s phones lit up like crazy early on in the show thanks to the new Jeffrey Lee Pierce tribute record out on Glitterhouse. We Are Only Riders features musicians […]

3/9: Seasonally Affective, or Why Autechre Still Disappoints Me

Piano Magic is a loose conglomerate of musicians centered around the person of Glen Johnson, whom Allmusic writer Kevin Taylor calls “the most important figure to emerge from the British indie music scene since My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields.” However, as this Wikipedia article points out, the band began as a trio and then progressed […]

3/2: There Ain’t No Grave That Can Hold My Body Down

This week’s show is split into two very different halves. The first is all about rock ‘n’ roll energy and some newer pop stuff, the second is low key and moody and maybe a bit less accessible. But the big hits according to the audience all came later in the show: lots of phone calls […]

2/23: “My Yesterdays Don’t Matter Now, They’re Gone”

Dälek is a band I ignored for too long. I saw them live at the suggestion of a friend and they blew me away, but I didn’t buy one of their records. I heard songs here and there that I liked on mix tapes, but I didn’t bother to find out where they came from, […]

2/16: Songs About Movies and Television

Still trying to incorporate more rap and R&B into the show to varying degrees of success. I found out about J Dilla so late that I have my plate full just trying to catch up with him. Nevermind all the Madlib that’s coming out. If anyone wants to point me in one direction or another, […]

2/9: Prisencolinensinainciusol

A quick lesson in Italian popular music history: Lucio Battisti is apparently one of that country’s greatest pop/rock legends. I found Anima Latina after scouring a few blogs and downloaded it because the album cover was great. Turns out the music is great, too. The title track from this album is featured in this week’s […]

2/2: Irreversible Reversibility

Disappointed with last night’s episodes of Lost? So was I. After catching up with the show and falling in love with its various time travel absurdities and completely stupefying mysteries, I almost feel a little betrayed. I guess it’s stupid to be angry at a show for ruining a great character, especially when there’s an […]

1/26: Let the Good Times Roll

I’m a little confused about Charlotte Gainsbourg’s new album because retailers around Boston (Newbury Comics) are listing it as a new release this year. Everything I can find on the internet tells me it came out in December of 2009, but maybe the US domestic release date wasn’t until January? It’s one of those records […]

New Semester, New Day, Same Time

Hello! Just want to let everyone know that Laughter will now be broadcast on Tuesday mornings at 10 am EST on 90.3FM in Boston, MA. I’m typically on Monday mornings, but with each new semester comes a new time slot, new DJs, and new shows. I will be on during the same hours, just a […]

The Backwards Music Station

A little over a year ago I played some tracks from the Conet Project as part of an ambient/noise set. Some people were as intrigued by them as I was, so when a friend told me about the Backwards Music Station today, I immediately thought of sharing it here. It’s a little bit like other short-wave […]

1/18: Hands & Fingers

The new Silver Mt. Zion album, Kollaps Tradixionales, is the big feature for this week’s show. I started things off with “There is a Light,” which is the first song on the record and a pretty good indicator of how excellent the rest of it sounds. It’s dramatic and despairing and melancholic, but also a […]

1/11: I’m So Glad, Baby

The new Scout Niblett album, The Calcination of Scout Niblett, is due out the 26th of January on Drag City. I’ve listened to it a few times and it reminds me of her older records, especially I Am. It’s a darker, dirtier, heavier Scout on this one, with more fuzz than you can shake a […]